Christmas Events in Poulsbo 2023

Poulsbo is about to turn into a magical wonderland for the holidays! Filled with fun family activities, beautifully decorated shops and lights in the waterfront park, you’re sure to find something for everyone!

List of Events

For more details on these events, head on over to our events calendar.

  • Friday 11/24: The annual Tree Lighting in the Waterfront Park
  • Saturday 12/2: Julefest including the Nordic Market, Norwegian food and the Viking Bonfire
  • Sunday 12/3: Santa Breakfast at Sons of Norway
  • Saturday 12/9: Tuba Christmas, Lighted Ships Parade & a Bonfire in the Waterfront Park
  • Weekends of 12/9 & 10,  and 12/16 & 17: Carolers, and find Olaf wandering around downtown for a photo op!
  • Every weekend from 12/2-12/16: The Poulsbo Vikings will be roaming downtown Poulsbo, keep your eye out and grab your pic with a Viking!
  • Every weekend from 11/25-12/23: Santa will be available in his house to hear your holiday wishes from 11:00-4:00pm each Saturday and Sunday through Decmber 23rd.

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Pickleball Is Growing in Poulsbo

Pickleball – the sport that’s captivating the nation – is also gaining fans in Poulsbo. Residents of Washington’s very own “Little Norway” are slowly finding out what all the fuss is about thanks to pickleball’s fun, accessible and inclusive atmosphere, which ensures players always come back for more.

Whether you’ve played the game before or are a curious newcomer, Poulsbo’s welcoming community and scenic courts make it the perfect place to dive into the world of pickleball.

Join us as we explore how this easy-to-learn sport fosters camaraderie, promotes health benefits, and adds a new, exciting layer to the rich tapestry of things to do in Poulsbo.

What Is Pickleball?

Pickleball, a dynamic blend of tennis, ping-pong, and badminton, is a paddle sport that’s taking the world by storm. Its unique pace allows for both casual and competitive play, making it a fantastic way to simply stay active or challenge yourself both physically and mentally.

In matches, players use flat paddles to ‘dink’ a perforated plastic ball over a low net, on a court a third of the size of a tennis court. Play continues until one side is unable to return the ball or commits an infraction, after which points are awarded to the opposing team.

Although singles matches aren’t uncommon, pickleball is typically played in a doubles format, which helps to contribute to a social atmosphere that is as engaging as the gameplay itself.

Yet pickleball is more than just a game; it’s a full-body workout that enhances coordination, balance, and mental agility.

That being said, learning how to play pickleball isn’t all that hard, which is part of the reason why 36.5 million pickleball players across the US fell in love with the sport and played matches during 2022.

Where to Play Pickleball in Poulsbo

There’s a couple of places where you can enjoy a game of pickleball in Poulsbo, so if you’re on the hunt for pickleball courts near you, our list is a great place to start.

Chief Kitsap Academy Gym

Chief Kitsap Academy Gym is home to three indoor pickleball courts with permanent lines, which makes it a great place to enjoy a game, come rain or shine.

Just remember to bring your own net with you, as these aren’t provided by the gym. Membership is also required to play here, but this ensures a dedicated, friendly and regular community of players.

Click here for more details on Chief Kitsap Academy Gym

Lions Park

Lions Park is a favorite among Poulsbo’s pickleball enthusiasts. It features two outdoor concrete courts, overlaid on a tennis court, which makes the net slightly taller than a standard pickleball net.

The park offers amenities like lights for evening games. Best of all, the courts are free to use, making it a popular choice for casual games and friendly matches.

Click here for more details on Lions Park. 

Final Thoughts

Embrace the pickleball phenomenon today! Step onto the court, feel the energy and join in the fun. Experience firsthand why this sport has been America’s fastest-growing sport for three consecutive years. Don’t just read about it – grab your paddle, get out there, and play!

For more information on the sport of Pickleball, head on over to pickleheads.com

Article and images courtesy of Pickleheads

It’s Beer Season in Poulsbo

That time of year is upon us again, Oktoberfest! With 5 breweries, 1 Cidery (and a winery) Poulsbo loves to make those tasty fermented drinks! We honor our local brewers with two events this fall. The season kicks off with Poulsbrew–a single day beer festival featuring fall brews from all out local brewers. Admission is $35 and gets you 5 tastes, with more available to purchase at the festival. It runs from 12-6pm in the Poulsbo Village shopping center and features food trucks to balance your tastings. Awards will be given to the best fall beer.

Next up is the Poulsbo Beer Run. This fun event happens twice a year. For the fall event, runners dress in their best Oktoberfest outfits and run a course from brewery to brewery with a beer at each. The event is just as fun to watch as it is to attend!

Details on both events and registration/ticket links can be found on our events page.

Cheers 🍻

Sleep under the stars inside a greenhouse in Poulsbo

Looking for a unique getaway under the stars? Try the “glass house” on the Kitsap Peninsula.

Courter Country Farm in Poulsbo is a dreamy, quiet retreat where guests can opt to spend the night in a beautifully appointed and fully functional greenhouse.

“We still do use it to start all of our tomatoes and peppers in the winter,” said Denise Courter, who runs the farm with her husband Kevin.

The greenhouse sleeps two and includes a bed, chandelier, and small table with chairs for dining. Outside, there’s a fire pit and lawn games.

The greenhouse room sleeps two and features a bed, small table and chairs, chandelier, and moveable privacy screens.

“There’s a creek right down alongside the greenhouse, so at night you go to sleep listening to thousands of frogs,” Kevin said.

There isn’t an indoor bathroom but guests can use a nearby pink porta potty, sink and mirror.

The greenhouse isn’t plumbed but guests can use a nearby porta-potty, in Denise’s signature color: pink.

While the greenhouse is temperature-controlled by nature, the Courters do what they can to make it comfortable.

“In the colder season we have a heated mattress pad in there,” Kevin said. “Clear nights, you get to watch the stars while laying in bed. We’ve had people stay in there when it’s snowing.”

Denise added, “They said, ‘I feel like I’m in the middle of a snow globe,’ it was so cool!”

For those concerned about modesty, there are moveable privacy screens and a strategically placed barn blocking views from the main house.

When they’re not in the glass house, guests can experience the rest of the farm, including a small “petting zoo” area where they can hold baby bunnies and turkeys.

There are also two resident alpacas who love getting sprayed with the hose – what Denise calls the “alpaca car wash.”

“They just love the water and it doesn’t matter if it’s rain or shine,” she said.

Guests can also learn how to milk the Courter’s goat Mary, or feed her (along with the farm’s chickens) by accessing feed bags in mailboxes strategically placed around the property.

When it’s time to take a break and log in to email, there’s an indoor space with other options.

“We have a saloon, we call it – a little game room with a pool table, they have WiFi, and a little kitchenette we’ve set up so they can bring their food and cook,” Kevin said.

The Courters encourage people to prepare food grown right on the farm, including eggs collected fresh from the chicken coop. They hope a stay will introduce guests to a new way of life because they are also first-time farmers.

“Kevin did 21 1/2 years in the Navy as a submariner, was deployed constantly,” Denise said. “We were living in Waikiki in a 600 square foot studio apartment when we decided we were coming back home to Washington, and we decided to totally shift gears and this was all new to us, but we knew we wanted to be together, we wanted to work together.”

Work – and love – have created one-of-a-kind experience at Courter Country Farm.

Guests can book the greenhouse, a room in the farmhouse, or two different campsites. The space is also available for weddings.

 7:45 PM PDT July 21, 2021
Original Article: https://www.king5.com/article/entertainment/television/programs/evening/greenhouse-rental-poulsbo-getaway-farm-experience/281-f00e3881-bd7e-4da4-8df4-af1a73a5fc0a

17 Perfect Things to Do in Poulsbo, WA

“Velkommen til Poulsbo!”

This message, translated from Norwegian and meaning “Welcome to Poulsbo,” stands below a mighty statue of a sword-wielding Viking, greeting all who enter this sublime small town.

Despite its population of just over 10,000, Poulsbo’s allure is vast. Travelers come to the smallest city in Kitsap County to enjoy the historical convergence of Nordic and Native American culture. But they can easily wind up spending hours sampling the delicious local fare, strolling down winding walking trails, or trying their luck at the Suquamish Clearwater Casino. With so much to offer, this town lies at the perfect intersection of its colorful history and bright future!

Where is Poulsbo?

Poulsbo is located on Liberty Bay on the Kitsap Peninsula. There are various ways to get there, crossing the Hood Canal Bridge from the Olympic Peninsula, the Tacoma Narrows to the South or by Ferry from Seattle or Edmonds.

The trip from Seattle is just under an hour and a half by car (crossing the Tacoma Narrows), and the fastest route includes a gorgeous ferry crossing (approx. 35 minute crossing time).

A Quick History of Poulsbo


Poulsbo’s history is an unusual hodgepodge of cultures and events!

First settled as a fishing village by the Suquamish Native American people, Poulsbo later became known as “Little Norway” because of Scandinavians who came from the Midwest, and previously, the Nordic region of Europe.

The land’s rich natural resources and its similarities to Scandinavia endeared itself to the settlers and soon became a hot spot for Nordic culture.

Meanwhile, the area acted as the winter home of Chief Sealth, for whom the city of Seattle is named.

The town was actually supposed to be named “Paulsbo,” named after early European settler Jørgen Eliason’s hometown in Norway, but due to his sloppy handwriting, it went down in history as Poulsbo.

The Best Time to Visit Poulsbo

With warm to mild weather, several festivals celebrating the local culture, and outdoor recreation in full swing, summer is the best time to visit Poulsbo!

However, this is also the busiest season, especially when school is out. For a more tranquil visit, fall, spring, and winter make for a relaxing trip.

The Best Things to Do in Poulsbo

Visit the Poulsbo Austin-Kvelstad Pavilion.

Like much of the Pacific Northwest, Poulsbo offers some enticing opportunities to take in nature’s splendor!

For the best views with the easiest access, check out the Austin-Kvelstad Pavilion, which lies on the edge of the Liberty Bay in the Muriel Iverson Waterfront Park. The pavilion is expansive and covered, offering views even in blustery PNW weather.

It’s a great spot for special occasions including weddings and concerts, and features sweeping views of the placid water and sailboats of every shape and size.

Check out Viking Fest.

During summers without pandemics, there are often small street fairs and even live music performances on the Poulsbo waterfront!

One such celebration in the Poulsbo area is Viking Fest, an annual event held on the 3rd weekend in May.

Celebrating all things Nordic, you’ll find people dressed as Vikings, Lutefisk (fish) eating contests, parades, street food vendors, and much more.

Though canceled for 2021 due to COVID-19, the festival will return in all its Nordic glory in 2022!

Try sangria at Paella Bar

Come to Poulsbo with an appetite! The town is a wellspring of good eats, boasting cuisine inspired by both the Pacific Northwest and the world as a whole.

Hit up Paella Bar, an upscale tapas spot delivering exceptional Spanish food in the heart of Poulsbo. Whatever combination of tapas you choose, make sure to try a glass of their excellent sangria.

Go for a hike.

The surrounding area boasts a handful of serene walking trails, which showcase the area’s impressive forests, filled with meadows, meandering streams, and drooping ferns, all away from the crowds.

Try the Poulsbo Wilderness Trail and the Poulsbo Fish Park for tranquil strolls, colorful murals, and plenty of views of the water — some with a stunning backdrop of the glaciated Mt. Rainier.

As the weather gets warmer, the number of visitors increases, but don’t let that stop you from embarking on a journey through Poulsbo’s natural beauty.

glacier of mt rainier looming over the beautiful harbor of poulsbo washington

Get authentic Poulsbo pastries.

For an authentically Poulsbo snack (or meal), head to Sluys’ Bakery.

They specialize in local breads and pastries that you can only get here, and work perfectly as a snack to accompany a long day of hiking and sightseeing!

Go kayaking on the bay.

Whether you’re interested in history, outdoor adventures, or shopping, Poulsbo has a spot for you!

One great way to learn about the nature of Poulsbo is to rent some kayaks and glide through the waters of Liberty Bay, where once every blue moon, you can catch orca whales swimming and bald eagles circling.

Explore the SEA Discovery Center.

Free to the public, this aquarium and museum space offers kids and adults alike the chance to interact with the wildly diverse marine ecosystems of the Pacific Northwest.

You’ll get to feel starfish, watch an octopus swim, and count the bones on a giant whale skeleton!

Visit a historical gravesite.

There’s a lot of opportunities to take in the rich history of Poulsbo while in town!

Try visiting distinguished Native American leader Chief Sealth’s gravesite, which features beautiful carvings and an air of serenity.

Pack a picnic from Central Market.

For the budget-friendly option, look no further than Central Market.

Poulsbo is home to one of only three Central Markets in Washington, and inside you’ll find a one-stop-shop filled with fresh produce and a top-notch deli!

Hands cheersing with white wine while enjoying a picnic

Celebrate Chief Seattle Days.

The annual celebration of the respected Native American Leader’s legacy, Chief Seattle Days offers a 3-day celebration in Suquamish.

The weekend is filled with canoe races, sports tournaments, traditional food, drumming, and dancing!

Go antiquing.

For indoor fun, try antiquing at Poulsbo’s many vintage shops.

With a reputation for unique finds and good deals, Poulsbo offers yet another way to explore the past!

For some of the best finds, try the shop Red Plantation.

Dine like the locals.

For family dinners, locals love That’s-A-Some-Italian Ristorante, which serves up mouth-watering dishes, including a take on New England clam chowder.

There’s also a special table you can sit at dedicated to John F. Kennedy Jr., designated as such after he sailed the bay and dined at the restaurant 27 years ago.

Get up close and personal with an alpaca.

Sawdust Hill Alpaca Farm offers tours and feeding opportunities for those looking to get some hands-on animal time that’s fun for all ages!

a cute baby alpaca smiling at the camera

Window shop at the boutiques.

Window shopping at the many unique boutiques that line Little Norway’s streets is a great way to dive into the Poulsbo culture.

Shops like Indigo Plum and Flicka are fun to window shop at and even more fun to buy from! For Scandinavian wears, be sure to check out Nordiska!

Find inspiration at an art gallery.

Poulsbo is a popular destination for art enthusiasts!

Art galleries, like the well-reviewed Front Street Gallery, are popular in town as well for either shopping, browsing, or drawing inspiration. On the Second Saturday of each month the galleries extend their hours and offer specials and refreshments.

Try a local favorite restaurant!

More popular choices include local Vietnamese haunt Pho T&N and Molly Ward Gardens, a five-acre property with a restaurant at its center!

a beautiful bowl of beef pho a noodle soup from vietnam

Try your luck at the casino.

Feeling lucky?

Head over to the Suquamish Clearwater Casino & Resort, you’ll find reasonable prices and relaxed luxury at the only Puget Sound waterfront casino in Washington.

Learn about Naval and maritime history.

Nearby, visit the U.S. Naval Underwater Museum, where you can learn about submarines, prolific U.S. Navy figures, and all things relating to Washington’s Navy presence.

This is one of 10 Navy museums that are operated by the Naval History & Heritage Command!

Visit a quaint museum.

The Poulsbo Historical Society and Museum is a great place to explore the town’s past.

With rotating exhibits that range from 19th-century clothing to photographs of early life in Little Norway, it’s a great way to get a blast from the past.

Camp (or cabin!) at the Kitsap Memorial State Park.

This spot is worth a visit for an outdoors adventurer!

It offers plentiful fishing, cabins for rent, campsites, and unimpeded views of the Olympic mountains perched on the Hood Canal.

window of a cabin showing ferns and forest life

Experience the life of early settlers.

Finally, one of the best ways to understand the history of the town is by visiting the Martinson Cabin.

The cabin was built in the 1800s and still features pieces of everyday life from the era, like tools and laundry apparatuses, to transport visitors into a bygone time.

view of the marina in poulsbo

Poulsbo, with its dynamic history and modern appeal, is one of the most interesting small towns in Washington.

Sitting on the Kitsap Peninsula, just a ferry ride from Seattle, this is one you won’t want to miss!

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Business Spotlight: Petal & Pitchfork Farm

When thinking of Poulsbo one thinks of the charming waterfront, historic downtown and water activities on Liberty Bay. But most don’t think about farming. Recently we’ve seen a lot of growth in local farms that supply our community with fresh produce and flowers. One of these such farms is Petal & Pitchfork. They turned their passion for nature and farming into a community spot where locals and visitors alike can go to for a hands-on experience. Beginning July 10th the farm will open to the public for their u-pick season for flowers and produce. Be sure to check them out on social media or their website for more details!

Type of Business:
Flower and Produce Farm

How long have you been in business?
5 years

What was the inspiration to start this business? 
A life-long love of flowers, food, pollinators and a life lived in close relationship with nature and the soil.

What do you love most about doing business in Poulsbo?
We moved to Kitsap County 20 years ago and started our first business, Grounds for Change, in 2003 on Bainbridge Island. Shortly after, in 2004, we moved the business to Poulsbo. We cherish the business community here which is collaborative, innovative and truly one-of-a-kind. We love the fresh air, the salt water, the mountains and all of the meaningful connections we’ve built across the Kitsap community over the years.

What’s one thing visitors to your business might be surprised to know? 
Stacy grew up in rural Iowa, outside of Iowa City, where her dad made a living as a butcher and hunted deer, pheasant and rabbit for much of the family’s food. Her parents grew a half acre garden every year, the vegetables from which her mom, grandmother and great aunt would preserve and her mom would store in the basement to get them through winter time. The root cellar was an amazing place filled with onions and potatoes and other fruit vegetables. The barn that is at their farm in Poulsbo is filled with antiques from Stacy‘s grandparents farm as well as from the homestead she grew up on.

Anything else? 
Come visit us for U-pick flowers this season! The kick-off to the main part of the season is Saturday, July 10th. Please visit our website or follow us on social for more information. 

Instagram: @petalandpitchfork

COVID Update

As Poulsbo moves into Phase 3, stores will be able to increase capacity and restaurants can expand indoor dining. Poulsbo businesses are meeting or exceeding all local regulations to keep customers and employees safe. The town has added and will continue to add more outdoor seating to allow visitors to get take-out from restaurants and eat outdoors. Masks, of course, are still required in all businesses and recommended while in congested outdoor areas. Moving towards this summer many businesses will expand their hours and get close to normal. The town’s largest events, Viking Fest & 3rd of July have been cancelled this year, with hopes to return next year. If you have any questions about your visit to Poulsbo this Spring/Summer, please feel free to reach out to us, [email protected] 

#PoulsboSafe #PoulsboStrong

For more information on what’s allowed in Phase 3 for our area, see guidelines on the state’s website here.

Shop Local, Shop Online this Holiday Season

With the events of the year, getting out and shopping local is a challenge for most. While our stores are open, hours are limited and strict safety rules are in affect to ensure the health and safety for all. BUT the good news is nearly all of our beloved Poulsbo businesses offer some form of alternative shopping. Most have online shops up and running, you can also purchase gift cards, or place phone orders. Many businesses offer curb-side pick-up, delivery and shipping. Head on over to the most up-to-date list of our local businesses with links to their online shops!


A little taste of last year’s shopping experience. Click to enlarge and scroll through. Enjoy!

How to Spend a Day/Weekend in Poulsbo

Article Courtesy of trip101.com

Poulsbo is a little-known city that not many have heard of. But, this quaint city near Seattle is rich in history and heritage which makes this a charming city perfect for a weekend getaway. Are planning to book Airbnb vacation rentals in Poulsbo, Washington, but have no idea what to do in the city? Worry not! Here is how you spend a weekend in Poulsbo.

Explore Historic Poulsbo

Downtown Poulsbo is an experience in and of itself. With its monicker “Little Norway on the Fjord”, the city was then a small settlement founded by Scandinavian immigrants. It was initially a lumber and fishing town that grew over the years. Recently, the city fully harkens back to its heritage embracing its identity.

Today, the city’s downtown is filled with shops and establishments built with Scandinavian and Viking aesthetics. Souvenir and curio shops even sell local artisan crafts and items inspired by this. A stroll through its streets as well as visiting each and every shop is one of the best ways to enjoy the city.

Go Museum Hopping

Speaking of history, Poulsbo has some great museums to visit whenever you are in town. These hollowed walls are one of the best ways to learn the local history as well as the lives of the settlers from the founding of the settlement up to the present. Not only that, but there are also other museums in the city that specialize in the various things that have shaped and influenced the city. Here are a few places to visit:

Heritage Museum

Located just a few blocks from the Poulsbo Port, this museum houses an extensive collection dedicated to the lives and lifestyle of the early settlers of the city. The collection includes items and artifacts like Traditional clothes, old furniture, and other household items. The museum aims to paint a picture of what life was like in the early days of Poulsbo.

Maritime Museum

Much like the Heritage Museum, the Poulsbo Maritime Museum aims to showcase the impact of the maritime industry on the city and the region. The museum holds and an extensive collection of old items and memorabilia related to sailing and life at sea. If you are a fan of traditional sailing and navigation, this one should be on your list.

See the different local markets

One of the best things to come from quaint towns in the local markets that offer fresh produce and local products. Poulsbo is no exception. Here are two of the best local markets to visit:

Central Market

Central Market is actually a group of 6 sister stores scattered all across the region. The market in Poulsbo is one of three larger stores. The Poulsbo Central Market is a one-stop-shop for fresh locally-sourced produce. Within the store is also a few food places and cafes where you can enjoy a good cup of coffee after shopping.

Farmer’s market

If you are looking for a more traditional open-air market, the Farmer’s Market is a must-visit. The market is open to the public and has a few stalls selling various goods like local produce and even crafts. The market also showcases live musical performances by local artists adding to the authentic feel. The market activity starts every Saturday from April until December.

Try a few local eats

Photo © Brittany Kelley Photography

They say two of the most effective ways to know a place is to know the people and what they eat. Fortunately, you can do both at the same time when you visit some of the local cafes and establishments. Here are a few to consider:

Caffe Cocina

A great place to grab a good cup of coffee and some delicious pastries. Located further inland up on Finn Hill Road, this local cafe is another favorite by local patrons. The cafe offers a good selection of coffee, as well as a few in-house baked goods. A popular stopover for locals and tourists alike.

Poulsbohemian Coffeehouse

This quaint and charming cafe is a must if you love to pair your coffee with a gorgeous view. The little cafe has indoor and outdoor seating complete with rustic old European decor. Opened in 1993, this cafe has been serving great coffee to locals and tourists alike in front of Liberty Bay.


Visit the public parks

Fish Park

Speaking of amazing views, Poulsbo is blessed with a scenic vista of Liberty Bay and the surrounding landscape. Its beauty is best experienced through leisurely walks through the few public parks in town. Walks during Fall are even more breathtaking. The parks are awash in fiery colors as the cool air blows.

Poulsbo Fish Park

This sanctuary is an easy and relaxing outdoor experience for visitors. The park has a looping trail that goes through the woods and runs along the Liberty Bay Estuary. Perfect for enjoying the cool weather with friends and family among Poulsbo’s natural beauty.

Experience the spooky side of town

Halloween is one of the most awaited events in Poulsbo. Traditionally, the entire section of Front street is closed off for trick or treaters. The shops lining the street are decorated with ghoulish and spooky ornaments as trick or treaters hop from one shop to another. The event is known locally as Ghoulsbo and is one of the most anticipated events during the Fall season.

Old towns have their fair share of spooky tales and mysteries that have survived through the ages. Passed down from generation to generation, these stories can now be experienced through guided tours. A few minutes north of Poulsbo is the historic town of Port Gamble. Join a group of brave souls as you hear the town’s mysteries on a Guided Ghost Walk Tour.

See the Licorice Shrine

From the spooky side of things, we head over to the peculiar. In Poulsbo, right in the heart of Marina Market, is the Licorice Shrine. Just as the name implies, this shrine is home to hundreds of licorice found all around the globe. The shrine holds classics from places like Germany and Finland. These come in various fillings like fruits and berries as well as other flavors.

As an ode to the traditional way of consumption, the shrine also imbues licorice in popular drinks like various craft beers. The shrine also has some modern incarnations especially products made to taste like licorice. Twizzlers are but one of these non-licorice delicacies found in the shrine.

Featured image courtesy of Nick Hoke, CC BY 3.0, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=53528137

The Different Districts of Poulsbo – The 305

Most folks, when they visit Poulsbo, just visit the historic downtown district. At a glance the rest may look like chain stores, and other things not of interest to a visitor. That couldn’t be further from the truth. While downtown is a large concentration of the restaurants and shops in Poulsbo, the rest of our city is a vibrant mix of local businesses and chains providing everything a visitor or resident to Poulsbo might need. This is the first installment in the series of posts where we’ll look at what you’ll find in each of the different districts of Poulsbo outside of downtown.

The 305

Most visitors to Poulsbo will pass quickly through this corridor on their way downtown or may be staying at one of the two hotels here. There’s a lot to see here. If you forgot you’re comfy shoes we have Poulsbo Running or  Harrison’s Comfort Footwear, both locally owned shops provide a wide range of walking, running, hiking shoes and accessories. Not enough food for Fido? Check out Naturally 4 Paws next to Central Market.

Speaking of which, Central Market is a local grocery chain, and is a favorite to locals and visitors alike. This popular store features gourmet grab-and-go foods, a great selection of hard to find beers & wines, a coffee shop, pizza & hot dog counter and a small gift department that is updated seasonally.

If you’re headed to a get-together, don’t go empty handed! High Spirits is a locally-owned specialty Liquor Store located in the Centennial Building. It is in no way your average liquor store, they specialize in local and hard to find spirits, a growler re-fill bar and a wine cellar with an amazing selection of wines. They offer themed tastings most Saturdays, so even if you’re not in the market, check them out to try something new.

The 305 also contains a vast majority of Poulsbo’s restaurant options, from chain’s to ethic fare, including Punjab India Cuisine, Blossom (Chinese), Los Cabos (Mexican), Isla Bonita (Mexican), El Sabor Casero (Salvadorian), Pho T&N (Vietnamese) and Kachai Thai Kitchen. There are also various cafe’s along this corridor that make great lunch spots including Chocmo (who also make amazing chocolcates!), and The Coffee Oasis, which has great wraps and salads and added bonus–a non-profit that supports local at-risk youth.

Looking for a great brunch spot on the weekend, or what is probably Poulsbo’s most upscale dining experience? The newly opened, family-owned Crabtree Kitchen won’t disappoint. Located in the new Centennial building just off 305, you’ll find a nicely curated menu, excellent cocktails, in a beautiful and airy atmosphere. The focus of this restaurant is sustainability, they source their ingredients locally working with local farmers, and even growing their own herbs in-restaurant.

Need coffee? There is of course Starbucks, a stand-alone location next to CVS and one located inside Safeway. BUT Poulsbo is a town that LOVES its coffee. Be sure to check out the local coffee shops along this corridor, from the little drive-thru Nordic Coffee, to spots that also offer a sit-down experience, including Café Au Lait, Central Coffee (located inside Central Market), and the afore mentioned Coffee Oasis.

This list really just scratches the surface, many more restaurants can be found here, along with retail locations to meet a wide variety of needs. For a full list of businesses in The 305 click here.

Image Source: https://chinookbook.com