Most folks, when they visit Poulsbo, just visit the historic downtown district. At a glance the rest may look like chain stores, and other things not of interest to a visitor. That couldn’t be further from the truth. While downtown is a large concentration of the restaurants and shops in Poulsbo, the rest of our city is a vibrant mix of local businesses and chains providing everything a visitor or resident to Poulsbo might need. This is the first installment in the series of posts where we’ll look at what you’ll find in each of the different districts of Poulsbo outside of downtown.

The 305

Most visitors to Poulsbo will pass quickly through this corridor on their way downtown or may be staying at one of the two hotels here. There’s a lot to see here. If you forgot you’re comfy shoes we have Poulsbo Running or  Harrison’s Comfort Footwear, both locally owned shops provide a wide range of walking, running, hiking shoes and accessories. Not enough food for Fido? Check out Naturally 4 Paws next to Central Market.

Speaking of which, Central Market is a local grocery chain, and is a favorite to locals and visitors alike. This popular store features gourmet grab-and-go foods, a great selection of hard to find beers & wines, a coffee shop, pizza & hot dog counter and a small gift department that is updated seasonally.

If you’re headed to a get-together, don’t go empty handed! High Spirits is a locally-owned specialty Liquor Store located in the Centennial Building. It is in no way your average liquor store, they specialize in local and hard to find spirits, a growler re-fill bar and a wine cellar with an amazing selection of wines. They offer themed tastings most Saturdays, so even if you’re not in the market, check them out to try something new.

The 305 also contains a vast majority of Poulsbo’s restaurant options, from chain’s to ethic fare, including Punjab India Cuisine, Blossom (Chinese), Los Cabos (Mexican), Isla Bonita (Mexican), El Sabor Casero (Salvadorian), Pho T&N (Vietnamese) and Kachai Thai Kitchen. There are also various cafe’s along this corridor that make great lunch spots including Chocmo (who also make amazing chocolcates!), and The Coffee Oasis, which has great wraps and salads and added bonus–a non-profit that supports local at-risk youth.

Looking for a great brunch spot on the weekend, or what is probably Poulsbo’s most upscale dining experience? The newly opened, family-owned Crabtree Kitchen won’t disappoint. Located in the new Centennial building just off 305, you’ll find a nicely curated menu, excellent cocktails, in a beautiful and airy atmosphere. The focus of this restaurant is sustainability, they source their ingredients locally working with local farmers, and even growing their own herbs in-restaurant.

Need coffee? There is of course Starbucks, a stand-alone location next to CVS and one located inside Safeway. BUT Poulsbo is a town that LOVES its coffee. Be sure to check out the local coffee shops along this corridor, from the little drive-thru Nordic Coffee, to spots that also offer a sit-down experience, including Café Au Lait, Central Coffee (located inside Central Market), and the afore mentioned Coffee Oasis.

This list really just scratches the surface, many more restaurants can be found here, along with retail locations to meet a wide variety of needs. For a full list of businesses in The 305 click here.

Image Source: https://chinookbook.com