What motivates you to get out and run?   Is it the challenge of beating your best time, the rush of pushing yourself to the limit, the peace of the open road, or just the love of being outside?

For many in this area, the surrounding beauty is enough to get you out and to move.  Poulsbo has plenty to show off; from beautiful neighborhoods to waterways, to vast stretches of green pathways.

We asked one of our well-known and loved runners of the area, Suzie Banzar, to give us a few of her top areas to run.

Fjord Drive; One of her favorite routes would have to be along our downtown route; through downtown Poulsbo, onto Fjord, with stunning views of the water, and turning into Lemolo.  This route has it all and can be as long or short as you wish.

Liberty Bay Boardwalk; With plenty of parking around our Poulsbo Rec Center, it’s a perfect starting point.  An easy run along Front Street, or cut down through Nelson Park to run the boardwalk, which follows the shores of Liberty Bay.  Stunning views of the mountains, water, and our Poulsbo Marina.  Past the Marina, head back up to reach Fjord for more waterfront views. Fjord turns into Lemolo, and along with it brings the trees and some shade.


A local neighborhood, which the locals lovingly call Skittleville, is stunning this time of year.  The colors of the changing of the leaves can be breathtaking.  Add this neighborhood onto your Fjord/Lemolo route for a lengthier run.


Our local Clear Creek Trail, as you head into the Silverdale, is a fun 3-5 mile run.  It winds through pathways of wooden bridges, over the wetlands, and beautiful open field spaces.  These trails are perfect for all ages; many moms with strollers and children on bikes, in tow, can be found on these paths each day.

Poulsbo’s Fish Park provides a perfect little jaunt through Liberty Bay Estuary and viewing spots of Dogfish Creek, over the wooden pathways.  Add on some mileage along the wide sidewalks of Viking Way.

Port Gamble Trails provides fun for everyone.  Mountain bikers and horse-riders share the paths with runners, and provides some of the best trail runs around! On any given day, you will find groups of all sorts enjoying nature out there.  But be careful, downloading a map is a must, or you may get lost.

For more serious runners, check out the Roots Rock Racing series, sponsored by our very own Poulsbo Running.  From the Spooky 12k on Halloween to a 5k and trail half marathon race, there is always a great race to join in on!


In addition to Suzie’s love for running, she has a passion for her volunteer work with Girls On The Run (GOTR).  GOTR sessions run through Spring and Fall; building girls’ self-confidence and a love of running.

Happy Trails!