Poulsbo’s shops are loved by visitors and locals alike. There’s a wide array of things to find that most tourist town’s just don’t have, from actual locally-made art & crafts, to clothing you actually want to wear! 

One shop, though, is uniquely special to Poulsbo – Nordiska. Owner, Kristin Klassert, opened the doors a little over a year ago, and sells all things Scandinavian. The shop is filled with Nordic housewares, kitchen gadgets, decor and gifts, from traditional to quite modern. A carefully curated mix of must-haves for any Scandinavian home, including the Christmas Candelabra that you see in the windows of nearly every home on Fjord Drive, or the fun, brightly colored Dala Horses. There’s something for everyone in this warm and inviting little shop, be sure you stop in and say Hallo! next time you’re in Poulsbo. 


Business Name: 

Type of Business:
Scandinavian Housewares and Gift Shop

How long have you been in business?
1+ year

What was the inspiration to start this business? 
The Nordic heritage of both myself and the town of Poulsbo. I loved growing up with many Norwegian and Swedish traditions in my family, as well as attending a Swedish college and getting a degree in Scandinavian Studies. My career has been in sales: both retail and wholesale, with housewares being my passion. When the opportunity arose to fill this void in Poulsbo, it seemed like a perfect fit.

What do you love most about doing business in Poulsbo?
I have been amazed by the amount of local support for small business in Poulsbo. We love the wonderful tourists who frequent our quaint town, and we are extra appreciative of our regular customers who shop in the off-season. This inspires me to constantly improve and enhance the shop so there are new surprises every time a customer visits.

What’s one thing visitors to your business might be surprised to know? 
While I carry many traditional Nordic items, I love seeking out unique, current products from or inspired by Scandinavia. 

Anything else? 
Building and owning Nordiska is a dream come true. To exist here on Front Street, among so many beautifully-curated, independently-owned shops, is an honor. Tack så mycket!

Visit them next time your in town, or online at https://www.nordiskashop.com

A special thanks to Brittany Kelley Photography for providing the images to accompany our article.