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Poulsbo is a little-known city that not many have heard of. But, this quaint city near Seattle is rich in history and heritage which makes this a charming city perfect for a weekend getaway. Are planning to book Airbnb vacation rentals in Poulsbo, Washington, but have no idea what to do in the city? Worry not! Here is how you spend a weekend in Poulsbo.

Explore Historic Poulsbo

Downtown Poulsbo is an experience in and of itself. With its monicker “Little Norway on the Fjord”, the city was then a small settlement founded by Scandinavian immigrants. It was initially a lumber and fishing town that grew over the years. Recently, the city fully harkens back to its heritage embracing its identity.

Today, the city’s downtown is filled with shops and establishments built with Scandinavian and Viking aesthetics. Souvenir and curio shops even sell local artisan crafts and items inspired by this. A stroll through its streets as well as visiting each and every shop is one of the best ways to enjoy the city.

Go Museum Hopping

Speaking of history, Poulsbo has some great museums to visit whenever you are in town. These hollowed walls are one of the best ways to learn the local history as well as the lives of the settlers from the founding of the settlement up to the present. Not only that, but there are also other museums in the city that specialize in the various things that have shaped and influenced the city. Here are a few places to visit:

Heritage Museum

Located just a few blocks from the Poulsbo Port, this museum houses an extensive collection dedicated to the lives and lifestyle of the early settlers of the city. The collection includes items and artifacts like Traditional clothes, old furniture, and other household items. The museum aims to paint a picture of what life was like in the early days of Poulsbo.

Maritime Museum

Much like the Heritage Museum, the Poulsbo Maritime Museum aims to showcase the impact of the maritime industry on the city and the region. The museum holds and an extensive collection of old items and memorabilia related to sailing and life at sea. If you are a fan of traditional sailing and navigation, this one should be on your list.

See the different local markets

One of the best things to come from quaint towns in the local markets that offer fresh produce and local products. Poulsbo is no exception. Here are two of the best local markets to visit:

Central Market

Central Market is actually a group of 6 sister stores scattered all across the region. The market in Poulsbo is one of three larger stores. The Poulsbo Central Market is a one-stop-shop for fresh locally-sourced produce. Within the store is also a few food places and cafes where you can enjoy a good cup of coffee after shopping.

Farmer’s market

If you are looking for a more traditional open-air market, the Farmer’s Market is a must-visit. The market is open to the public and has a few stalls selling various goods like local produce and even crafts. The market also showcases live musical performances by local artists adding to the authentic feel. The market activity starts every Saturday from April until December.

Try a few local eats

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They say two of the most effective ways to know a place is to know the people and what they eat. Fortunately, you can do both at the same time when you visit some of the local cafes and establishments. Here are a few to consider:

Caffe Cocina

A great place to grab a good cup of coffee and some delicious pastries. Located further inland up on Finn Hill Road, this local cafe is another favorite by local patrons. The cafe offers a good selection of coffee, as well as a few in-house baked goods. A popular stopover for locals and tourists alike.

Poulsbohemian Coffeehouse

This quaint and charming cafe is a must if you love to pair your coffee with a gorgeous view. The little cafe has indoor and outdoor seating complete with rustic old European decor. Opened in 1993, this cafe has been serving great coffee to locals and tourists alike in front of Liberty Bay.


Visit the public parks

Fish Park

Speaking of amazing views, Poulsbo is blessed with a scenic vista of Liberty Bay and the surrounding landscape. Its beauty is best experienced through leisurely walks through the few public parks in town. Walks during Fall are even more breathtaking. The parks are awash in fiery colors as the cool air blows.

Poulsbo Fish Park

This sanctuary is an easy and relaxing outdoor experience for visitors. The park has a looping trail that goes through the woods and runs along the Liberty Bay Estuary. Perfect for enjoying the cool weather with friends and family among Poulsbo’s natural beauty.

Experience the spooky side of town

Halloween is one of the most awaited events in Poulsbo. Traditionally, the entire section of Front street is closed off for trick or treaters. The shops lining the street are decorated with ghoulish and spooky ornaments as trick or treaters hop from one shop to another. The event is known locally as Ghoulsbo and is one of the most anticipated events during the Fall season.

Old towns have their fair share of spooky tales and mysteries that have survived through the ages. Passed down from generation to generation, these stories can now be experienced through guided tours. A few minutes north of Poulsbo is the historic town of Port Gamble. Join a group of brave souls as you hear the town’s mysteries on a Guided Ghost Walk Tour.

See the Licorice Shrine

From the spooky side of things, we head over to the peculiar. In Poulsbo, right in the heart of Marina Market, is the Licorice Shrine. Just as the name implies, this shrine is home to hundreds of licorice found all around the globe. The shrine holds classics from places like Germany and Finland. These come in various fillings like fruits and berries as well as other flavors.

As an ode to the traditional way of consumption, the shrine also imbues licorice in popular drinks like various craft beers. The shrine also has some modern incarnations especially products made to taste like licorice. Twizzlers are but one of these non-licorice delicacies found in the shrine.

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