Find Poulsbo changes name to Visit Poulsbo

Find Poulsbo changes name to Visit Poulsbo

One of the more popular tourism—and relocation—websites on the internet is www.visitseattle.com. Playing off that recognition is www.visitkitsap.com, the County’s tourism site. And now, www.findpoulsbo.com can also be located by the major search engines through www.visitpoulsbo.com.

It’s called virtual drafting—like migrating Canada geese who trade off the lead position, and stay to the back where “drafting” makes the going easier. By trading on the popularity of the ‘visit’ search term, the Poulsbo Marketing Coalition is convinced its well-liked FINDPoulsbo site will get even more hits.

“It’s just smart marketing,” explains Chamber Director Marc Abshire, one of the Coalition’s members. “When we want to attract more visitors from even farther away, we have to use the terms and tools that make our jobs easier. This is one those changes.”

“The FINDPoulsbo website is almost two years old,” says Kelle Kitchel-Cooper of The Rockfish Group, designers of the site. “Our goal was to create one-stop shopping for anyone trying to find out anything about Poulsbo—particularly tourists or locals wanting to play.

“The hardest part is reminding so many fine groups to keep us in the loop, so that we can promote their festivals, events, and activities. The site is designed to make everyone successful. And we work closely with other sites, such as www.experiencenorthkitsap.com, which in turn promotes Poulsbo too. It’s synergy that works.”

Tourism brings in [a lot of money] each year to Poulsbo, and is largely responsible for the busy downtown district. While locals like to complain about the increase in traffic, especially weekends and summer, those dollars help support the City’s infrastructure, as well as dozens of mom-and-pop businesses. And for those visitors who stay in our hotels and B&Bs, the lodging tax dollars collected are funneled back into marketing Poulsbo as a destination—paying for things like the www.findpoulsbo.com (now, also, www.visitpoulsbo.com) website.

The Poulsbo Marketing Coalition is a collaborative effort to bring more visitors to Poulsbo. Its members are representatives from the Greater Poulsbo Chamber of Commerce, Port of Poulsbo, Viking Fest, 3rd of July, Poulsbo Farmers Market, Historical Society, and, now, the newly forming Viking Business Association.

Poulsbo Bus Service About to Get Fabulous

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A couple of months ago, Kitsap Transit added a third route in Poulsbo…and ridership on all three routes increased by 13 percent in the first month—more than 40 percent on the first Saturday.

“I’ve watched transit ridership grow in most Puget Sound communities, but not ours,” explains Mayor Becky Erickson. “I’ve been working with John Clauson at Kitsap Transit for a while, trying to design a route that was so dependable, so convenient, so affordable that it makes it an easy choice for people who have never before been bus riders.

“Our city is nearly 10-thousand people, and we’ll likely be 13-thousand by 2025. I think it’s important to plan for congestion on our roads and parking lots now—so we don’t face problems in the future. The Loop is a good first step.”

The Loop is the nickname of that new route, Bus #44. It makes a 30-minute circle through the busiest spots in Poulsbo and is a remarkably easy way to get things done. You’ll pass the library, Central Market, the downtown waterfront, Wal-Mart, Olympic College, Albertson’s, Home Depot, most banks, and everything in between. Get off wherever you please, completing your list of errands, appointments, visits, and meetings. The bus will be back every half hour, and you’re ready to head home.