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Throughout Puget Sound’s harbors and marinas are countless small stores catering to boaters and sailors visiting their communities.  Poulsbo’s Marina Market isn’t just another small store; it is a destination in itself.  Sure you can purchase the basic supplies boaters need to get through their weekend, but venture through the aisles and you will find some rare treats to help make your trip to Little Norway complete.

Located just behind the world famous Boehm’s candies, you find an even greater diversity of candy, notably licorice.  These tasty treats come from around the world, particularly Scandinavia.  Now we aren’t talking Twizzlers and Red Vines; there are licorice of over 600 varieties, as owner, Andrea, explains to King 5.  They even have a Norwegian licorice sauce for your ice cream!

Saving those goodies for your kiddos?  There are many other kinds of candies and assortments of Scandinavian delights.  Then there is the extensive beer selection…a beer connoisseur’s heaven!

So, we invite you in, if you haven’t had the joy of experiencing the Market…to taste the licorice.