Your gateway to adventure, just 20 minutes from the ferry.

You can skip cardio at the gym; Poulsbo is a center of outdoor adventure. Mountain biking, kayaking, and fly fishing lead the list, but with Mother Nature at her backdoor, Poulsbo boasts every Northwest experience you might hope for.

Fjord Flyfishing

Northwest Boat Rental and Adventure

8779 Front Street, Suite 108, Poulsbo, WA
(360) 265-8300

Olympic Outdoor Center

18743 Front St, Poulsbo, WA
(360) 297-4659

Salsbury Point County Park

3160 NW Wheeler Street, Poulsbo, WA

Stottlemeyer Mountain Biking & Adventure Trails

25398 Stottlemeyer Rd NE, Poulsbo, WA